Zevenzicht Residential Estate

Estate Rules & Penalties


The Estate has been developed to provide a comfortable, harmonious and secure lifestyle for its residents. These rules have been adopted in accordance with the constitution in order to ensure and promote such lifestyle. The rules are not intended to limit the lifestyle and/or investment of residents, but rather to protect them.

It is Residents’ responsibility to ensure that all their invitees, including guests and tenants, abide by the Rules. These Rules govern all aspects regarding living in the Estate e.g. Security, Traffic, Domestic animals, Open spaces and Resident’s Conduct.

The rules are binding equally on all residents and it is the responsibility of every member to ensure that all their invitees (including but not limited to guests and tenants) abide by the rules.

The purpose of the Development Guidelines is to protect the long term values of property within the Estate, mainly to establish a cohesive residential environment.

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